The Indigenous Futures Project (IFP) is a joint project between the Center for Native American Youth, IllumiNative, and the Native Organizers Alliance to gather and disseminate critical information and strategies about the priorities and needs of Native communities in preparation for the 2020 election. The keystone of this project is the Indigenous Futures Survey (IFS)- the first survey in Indian Country that provides an opportunity for all Native peoples to be a part of shaping our future, offering a platform for understanding critical issues impacting Indian Country that can be used to motivate change.


The survey is open between Tuesday June 23, 2020 and will close on August 15, 2020.
As we prepare for the 2020 election, an election that will have far-reaching consequences for our nations and peoples, we want to empower and uplift the voice of Native peoples and move towards better understanding through data driven by Native people from our own perspectives.

The goals of the 2020 Indigenous Futures Survey are to:

1. Identify Native people and tribal communities’ priorities for changing narratives about Natives and building a more equitable future, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic;

2. Explore the experiences and attitudes toward federal, local and tribal governance and engagement in democratic processes;

3. Demonstrate how to engage tribal and Native communities to promote shifts in the public discourse which point the direction for collective actions and policy shifts needed in Indian Country.

IFS researchers are looking to reach as many Native relatives as possible. We are seeking participants 18 years of age and older. The IFP is working with community organizations and tribes to circulate the survey. The results and analysis will be available in September 2020. Help us spread the word.


To learn more information about the Indigenous Futures Project and Survey, please join us for an informational webinar on Tuesday, July 14th 7-8:30pm EST. Please register at the link below.


As a thank you for completing the survey, respondents will have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win products from some of your favorite Native designers and brands.

Raffle items include:

— Original ledger and oil paintings from award winning Native artists,
— Beaded earrings,
— Bolo ties,
— Clothing and shoes from Nike N7,
— Travel mugs,
— and much much more!

Please note: The raffle is completely separate from the survey. There is absolutely no way to connect your responses to the survey to your name and information collected for the raffle drawing.

The drawing will take place on the Center for Native American Youth’s Facebook page on August 19, 2020. Those who enter the drawing will receive an email reminder in the days leading up to the raffle so you can watch the drawing live.


For questions, please email the Indigenous Futures Project.

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